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Kristen Hardesty, otherwise known as “MT Rambler” of The Welcome Homestead

Whomever you are, I am about to expose a little of my truth. Please know my intentions in your lives aren’t selfish, and that I genuinely care.

You see that lady at the lower right half of the image? That is me, a 50 years young woman thriving in the face of adversity! That little girl on the left? On a good day, you could witness her climbing trees and singing to bees… On a bad day, she believed that she truly wasn’t worth “the bullet it would take to blow her to hell”. How do I know? That innocent angel was me. That “sentence”, and many like it, formed my sense of worth. Believing that, how did I get from there to here? I witnessed extreme violence against my mother and siblings… suffered child abuse, neglect, molestation, got kicked out, ran away, had a near death experience, became a teen parent, affairs plagued my marriage, through all the suppression of emotion developed autoimmune disease and have been told by a specialist that I have PTSD… The list goes on.

(((WAIT))) Kristen… I thought you JUST CLAIMED to be THRIVING. Know what? You are absolutely correct, I did and (((I AM))). What I am not is a victim of circumstances! You see, I believe we all have a choice when it comes to the wounds of life;

  • Embrace the pain and go through the motions to heal (as hellacious as that can be… Some of the worst I’ve experienced are the loss of a parent and a sibling… PRAYERS for those who suffer the loss of a child!).
  • Ignore those wounds until they fester and explode into something that we never expected we’d do… Making us behave as someone we are NOT (making others victims).

Some days we succeed, others we fail (flashbacks can seem so REAL)… but NEVER GIVE UP on giving yourself what you need to heal! Little clue? Bandaids (addiction, denial, apathy, isolation… to name a few) are never a true fix. OWN YOUR TRUTH and never be ashamed of who you are!! FOCUS ON GRATITUDE and learn to love yourself! Only then can kindness and compassion fill those empty spaces that were once infected with pain.

I’ll be praying for you and proclaiming your success and happiness without judgement!!


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As a Wellness Advocate and NLP Master Practitioner, I am here to help you learn the language of your mind and empower you as a “whole person”; spirit, mind, emotion, and body.

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