ST. SWITHIN’S DAY by Edward Hays

Commemorating the English Saint who died in 862. According to an old legend, “St. Swithin’s Day, if thou doest rain, for forty days it will remain; St. Swithin’s Day, if thou be faire, forty days ’twill rain nae nair.” Rain or shine, be of good cheer. A day to ask St. Swithin to help you make your heart, and not external conditions, the source of your happiness.

Also celebrated today is the 1871 Invention of the Merry Go Round, a classic symbol of how to live. We should be merry as we find ourselves constantly “going around in circles.”

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As a Wellness Advocate and NLP Master Practitioner, I am here to help you learn the language of your mind and empower you as a “whole person”; spirit, mind, emotion, and body.

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