No one can tell you what talking to spirit is–you must experience it for yourself. No one can tell you what it feels like–you must feel it for yourself. And the questions are always, “How can I do that? Only some people can do that,” or “That’s not possible.” The truth is, we can all talk to spirit. In fact, we do it every day and don’t even realize we’re doing it.

We don’t always believe in what we see, hear, feel, sense, and know. Some people even believe it’s not okay to do. The truth is, talking to the other side is meant for everyone. It’s part of our connection to everything else that has ever lived, is currently living, and will be living in the future–and we’re a part of all of it. You don’t need any special tools, gifts, or lineage to connect. The only belief you need is that you can. Connecting with spirit is not to prove anything–it’s to give us the ability to understand that we’re so much more than we know. It also helps and comforts us to realize that nothing ever dies–and everything and everyone is connected. 

Lisa J. Smith

My dreams have traditionally been a very private thing for me… At one point (soon after I had a life after death experience), I was taken to a priest for my mother feared I was possessed. Hard way to learn that what was unique about me was not acceptable. LEARNING WHO I AM IS OK means there is SO MUCH to express regarding this “open door” that I have. I allow my subconscious mind to communicate with me as previous blogs have revealed… but I also have prophetic visions and speak to spirits. When I say spirits, they can be present with or without their fleshy vehicles we call bodies. I don’t mean that to sound grotesque or creepy. Like Lisa implied above, we all have the ability to communicate with “spirits” and many have been taught that these abilities are evil or psychotic. JUST… NOT… TRUE! I am a Christian by faith and love God with all that I am. To have these abilities (I prefer to call them gifts) does not mean we are pagan, evil, satanic… Let’s just stomp out that stigma right here!! WE ALL HAVE THEM and it isn’t God (where the gifts came from) who shames us for them, it is those who do not understand.

My most recent “dream walk” occurred three days ago (yes, I still had to muster up the courage to share). My husband and I were at the homeplace (home where I grew up) waiting for family to arrive. I had been sleeping (in the dream, ironic… LOL) and awoke to know that somebody had arrived. I looked outside (it was night time) to see a red truck with Texas plates. Odd, I thought in my dream, because I knew my family from Texas would not have traveled this far in a truck because it would not have accommodated them all.

Inside of the homeplace it was daytime. There was LOTS of activity in the home though only one person could be seen (this is fairly common for me when making spirit contact, light brings forward the person who is trying to communicate). It was my brother-in-law, who had passed not long ago. Prior to his passing I had seen him in the spirit and tried to contact him in the material realm to let him know that he had… It is hard to explain… Like, midwives or nurses in attendance with him at his “death” bed? Death is in quotes because is is really more like a “rebirthing” room. I am sad to know that I frightened him so badly by reaching out that he shared with his children he was afraid to go to sleep. He never spoke to me before his passing… Again, why I don’t share these gifts with many people…

Back to the “dream,” my brother-in-law was sharing with me that he is transitioning, doing well… Hanging out at the homeplace while he learns what it was he was unable to while in his physical body. I got the impression that there were relationships broken due to addictions he was unable to break free from. That he is proud of his family… The love and light he was emanating was intense as he shared images of my nieces and nephew, and of my sister. I have to share this with them. It was important to him that they know.

And so I will cut this short because I am having a strong urge to do that… I suppose, if I ever author a book, it will be about this part of me that is as real (if not more so) than my physical body. I need to find my dream walking peers and reaching out is going to be the only way I find this “spirit tribe.”

To end then, the song “Silent Lucidity” resonates on a level I cannot explain. Try to understand that just because we cannot hear (silent) our loved ones who have passed, they are VERY AWARE (lucid) of us and the bond we have with them is never broken… Even if we are angry with them (anger is OK!!), the only way that connection can be broken is through true apathy. However, if they are ever on your mind, you see an object or have any other sense (smell of a favorite meal?) and think of them? (((THEY ARE WITH YOU IN THAT MOMENT)))

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As a Wellness Advocate and NLP Master Practitioner, I am here to help you learn the language of your mind and empower you as a “whole person”; spirit, mind, emotion, and body.

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