This sentence has been coming back to me these past three days… You never know why you’re alive until you know what you’d die for. Ever doubt your worth? “He uttered a loud cry for every evil force to have to flee…” FROM YOU.

The Bible says in John 19:30, “When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.” 

In Mark 15:37 we read, “With a loud cry, Jesus breathed his last.” According to Bible scholars, this “loud cry” may have been those very last words that John records, “It is finished.”

He spoke it out loud. He declared it for all to hear. He uttered a loud cry to His Father in heaven for the whole world to know, and for every evil force to have to flee, for Christ’s work on the cross was complete.



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Last words have power. And often, deep meaning and significance.

Debbie McDaniel
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Done, accomplished… last words have power… To emphasize, WORDS HAVE POWER. When I was in college, I read a book “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” by Maya Angelou. The woman (Maya) in the story was extremely abused and believed that NOMMO would change her situation, AND IT DID. Also coming from a history of domestic violence and neglect, I believe too… That our thoughts, words, actions are like planted seeds that influence everything around us.

Nommo is an Afrocentric term employed by Molefi Asante that refers to the powers of the word to generate and create reality. Asante further sees it as a communal that event that moves towards the creation and maintenance of the community. Melbourne S. Cummings and Abhik Roy quote Asante as also seeing Nommo as the power of the word to create harmony and balance in disharmony.

Sherman Haywood Cox II
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I have many limiting beliefs that have been formed by words from my past… WORDS that should no longer have the power to influence me but sometimes still do. At the time I read Maya’s book, many of them came back linked to images of the givers of the seeds of those beliefs. It was a hard book to read and a hellacious paper to write. That one assignment put me in such a state that I missed class for two weeks to recover… My professor wanted to publish what I wrote and my answer was to burn the script. I wasn’t ready to finish dealing with what was uncovered and heal.

Click image for suggestions on how to identify limiting beliefs.

TODAY would be a different story because in this awakening I KNOW that NOMMO WORKS BOTH WAYS. We (and only we) have the power to decide when to rewrite those limiting beliefs. Those “evil beliefs” don’t have the power to touch us so why do we let them? Why do we put them on the wall in a trophy case when all they do is keep yuck stuff alive? When Jesus uttered His last words, that meant that you didn’t have to carry the weight of what other humans said about or acted towards you… YOU ARE FREE because IT IS FINISHED. Replace those limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs and your life WILL CHANGE.

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Like I state in my Facebook “Own Your Truth” story on The Welcome Homestead, “I’ll be praying for you and proclaiming your success and happiness without judgement!!” I’ll even walk/talk with you… I may not have walked your path, but I know what mine was like and have learned how to use the transformational power of


I want to hear you say and believe… “IT IS FINISHED!”

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