When Frank and I first bought our piece of paradise in 2001, we were at a point in our relationship where the isolation that appealed to us was a critical feature. The separation from those who would advise/help us was needed for our ability to focus on repairing our broken marriage… Only we knew how to make us work.

“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” taught us that proper communication was the tool we needed to get back on track.

There is a little section on our 10 acres that has about 95 feet of year round stream on it, lots of flourishing growth… It was another deciding factor when it came to choosing from the properties that we were perusing. The remainder of the land has very sloped and rolling hills, maybe 10% good for anything but meandering. Beautiful but seemingly not useful?

“A work of art is useless as a flower is useless. A flower blossoms for its own joy. We gain a moment of joy by looking at it. That is all that is to be said about our relations to flowers. Of course man may sell the flower, and so make it useful to him, but this has nothing to do with the flower. It is not part of its essence. It is accidental. It is a misuse.”

Oscar Wilde

Just because something seems useless doesn’t mean it is. Those “moments of joy” that we gain from the things that have bloomed, be they flower or person, are also seeds that grow like flowers/weeds depending on what mindset we culture them with. I was reminded of that in a very profound way today when taking a hike on the property with my husband. You see, Frank has been battling knapweed this summer as it has overgrown the slopes unlike any other year, a direct result of neighbors neglecting maintenance of their fields. They fail to recognize that the weed is noxious or they don’t care because it doesn’t directly impact them.

Today’s culture is also negligent in their perspective of the significance of marriage…

Click image for suggestions on how to fight for your marriage.

Toxic things that are infesting our relationships left untended, like knapweed, will aggressively overtake anything useful that would otherwise nurture us. Those seemingly “useless but beautiful” hills were a grand source of inspiration as Frank took me from place to place to demonstrate where weed management efforts were being fought. He may not win the battles against what our property is being surrounded with, but his daily diligence and focus on maintaining what God gifted US melts my heart! An odd courtship perhaps… but it works as he daily wins the war for me!!

There was a time when I would have been unreceptive (like the “useless” rolling hills of our property) to his efforts on behalf of our marriage. “Knapweed” infests our property from things that our neighbors are taking for granted just like we allow others’ neglect of their own minds infect our thoughts, actions, and/or relationships. Is there anything toxic in your life today that is running rampant because of neglect? If so;

  • BE AWARE of what is happening around and to you.
  • FIND A SENSE OF WORTH in seemingly useless things. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…
  • TRUST YOURSELF. If something doesn’t “feel” right? Investigate and find truth.
  • NEVER GIVE UP. Keep fighting even the “little” battles that just won’t go away because of what is on the other side of the fence.

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As a Wellness Advocate and NLP Master Practitioner, I am here to help you learn the language of your mind and empower you as a “whole person”; spirit, mind, emotion, and body.

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