The Chinese first invented toilet paper in 580 A.D., but it took over a thousand years to reach the West. It was first sold in a roll in 1871. In a relatively short time it has become a necessity in our culture, although it is still considered a luxury item by three-fourths of the world’s population. Besides this humble aid to a clean environment, are there any other luxuries in your life that you take for granted?

Edward Hays

NOTE: The following video is a bit choppy due to poor WiFi reception at the location (it was filmed live) but a gold nugget nonetheless… Easier to listen to like a podcast. (((ENJOY))) the message!! 🤟🤠

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As a Wellness Advocate and NLP Master Practitioner, I am here to help you learn the language of your mind and empower you as a “whole person”; spirit, mind, emotion, and body.

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