I had the most amazing dream last night. I was transitioning from my “current” job into the next…

If you dream of being offered a new job, new horizons are opening for you that will bring positive things into your life. Take advantage of new opportunities! If you dream about the first day on a new job, consider whether you are about to begin (or have begun) something new in your life. Your dream is probably related to your anxiety about doing things right in this situation.

Dreams of a transition signify that you are making changes, progress, improvements, and you are evolving along your enlightenment path. Your life is under construction, and though the process might be messy, it can also be healthy for you to your die daily, and be reborn with each breath you take.

In a virtual book club reading about shadow work (The Existential Kink) on The Welcome Homestead, there is much to consider about whole self by embracing those repressed things which our ego finds unacceptable or “bad”…

The scene was initially a manufacturing and office area where I would be applying my problem solving skills to writing procedures of the new job. The hiring person was initially female and the store front owner.

The critic within self, which can be a creative or destructive influence. Guidance giving you helpful instructions. Creative-intuitive, receptive, emotional, nurturing side of self; relatedness, feelings, the unconscious. That which is open, can be penetrated or entered.

I believe this to be my unconscious opening up to the healing process on a conscious level. “Kristen in the pocket” is tired of being saved for a rainy day and wants to be accepted at all times.

As the dream progressed the scene changed to something like a summer camp and gathering.

Proverbs 6:8 – Let God Be True! Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest. Saving money is smart! Saving money is right! Ants do it by the wisdom God gave them. Do you? You are doomed to eventual financial pain and trouble, if you do not save a portion of all income.

A camp setting in your dream suggests that a positive change is coming in your life, possibly related to where you live or go to school/work.

There were two males who were helping the new company accept who I was and what my role for them would be.

Male is the assertive, aggressive, strong side of self. Rationality, practicality, intellect, consciousness, will. That which penetrates, understands.

Two stands for diversity, partnership, soul and receptivity. It can also symbolize double weakness or double strength, and two sides to an argument. Two represents duality, as in male and female, mother and father, yin and yang, heaven and earth. Two is the number of dialogue rather than monologue, and it suggests harmony and interaction between the unconscious and conscious mind.

My ego agrees to the dialogue!! (((THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS)))

The first male would come up to me from behind and hold/rock while allowing me to dig into his hands (I was actually damaging his palms). REASSURANCE

Some beliefs state that anxiety dreams indicate exactly the opposite. In other words, it won’t be long until your concerns are resolved. And, in a sense, when the individual expresses their fears in dreams, they get closer to their dissipation. To embrace friends or relatives is a longing to help others. The desire for closeness, but fear of restriction and boundaries. Problems in bonding. It’s important who is being embraced.

The fact that I was anxious (which was the cause for the embrace in the dream) are both contrary representations of unconscious expression. It is clear that we are aware there is a change coming soon and that I have to be careful… ANT (represented by summer) is also telling me to prepare.

The second male was the same new boss (who was female inside of the new work building) and would dance with me in the midst of something like an outside barn dance. PRESENTATION

If your boss appears in your dreams – particularly if the boss is a man – he could be an authority figure symbolizing your own super-ego (for super-ego). Joining a dance equates to integrating with a new group or situation. Suggests an enjoyment of life and a go-with-the-flow attitude. This dream may contain elements of wish-fulfillment, but there is the underlying theme of years of hard work and dedication. Such a dream may be encouraging you to have more discipline or, alternatively, to have the courage to take up artistic skills. Watch to see how smoothly this dance progresses.

WOW… just WOW!! Talk about whole self? The super-ego is also getting involved?!? All this time my belief was that I had to change by unconscious “Id” when all along it needed to be EMBRACED.

Here is the part of the dream that I found most incredible. There came a time after the dance where I was able to demonstrate my abilities for my new work family and did so by manipulating the weather.

There was a lake beside the summer camp and I brought in a storm where the clouds and waves were interacting at a distance. The clouds at one point were turbulently coming down in an area where there were innocent people playing on the water. I was able to communicate with the storm and make it stop long enough for the people to get to safety.

If we are watching a very blue, unclouded sky, we may be recognizing that we have the ability to keep the situations that we are in under control. We do possess the ability to control internal moods and emotions that may not have been possible in the past.

Being aware of the weather would indicate that we need to recognize that we are part of a greater whole rather than just individuals in our own right.

At the end of my demonstration, a young boy came to me and engaged in conversation. He was a bit insecure about the storm but seemed to trust me implicitly.

Seeing a boy in a dream means that you are happy and alive, with many possibilities and the desire to create.

If known: what you feel about that boy, but referring to oneself, i.e. one might think the child cautious and anxious, so it depicts one’s own childhood feelings of caution and anxiety.

It is a way of preparing the ground for future changes in your personality. However, it may also indicate a desire to return to the basics and discover your true personality.

Dreams of a party represent your feelings and attitudes toward groups and/or family gatherings, your public persona, and your people/social skills. This dream might symbolize that you are walking through a rite of passage. Whether the party is joyous or uncomfortable, it reflects your level of -integration, your relationships and the level of harmony in your life.

At the summer camp “welcoming party”,

I was finally accepted and trusted for my abilities,

even though we were all drenched from the rain.

I am absolutely PASSIONATE about the use of dream interpretation in giving our unconscious a voice. If you’d like to know more please send me a PM at The Welcome Homestead on Facebook!!

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