I don’t think it is enormously far-fetched to imagine that some very brave and generous souls come into this world with the strong personal, unconscious desire to experience extreme hardships in childhood, perhaps for the ultimate purpose of making it conscious and healing it, and in that way, healing the collective.

Carolyn Elliot, Ph. D

In being led to share the “Existential Kink” as a form of wellness coaching (shadow work) on “The Welcome Homestead” Facebook page, the above quote from yesterday’s reading blew my mind away because it profoundly resonates truth in my psyche. So much so, it triggered a dream that I actually cannot tell if it is subconscious language or one of my visions. I will say this, if it was a vision? It marks the first of it’s kind and (((HOLY CRAP))). Let’s do a dream translation shall we?

My “a-ha” moment when reading from the Existential Kink and The Welcome Homestead’s virtual book club.

There was just me, standing on a shore (to my right) in a valley (to my left) opposite a massive mountain. I was far enough away that I could see it in it’s entirety (big valley, long shore).

In dreams, a valley is a symbol of fertility and abundance as it brings together the elements of earth and water. Another interpretation suggests that a valley represents the journey of self-discovery.

The left expresses the more feminine attributes and often the past. Feelings of being left behind suggest a sense of inadequacy, of disintegration and of having to leave the past behind.

To dream of the shore symbolizes that you have been able to reconcile an internal conflict and you are now at peace with your feelings. It also represents where your emotions and reason intersect.

Anything observed on the right side in dreams usually becomes more significant as we progress. Any pain experienced on the right side can also be interpreted in terms of drive. Movement to the right indicates that something is coming into conscious awareness.

For both visions and prophetic dreams, the mountain is a very positive picture! It speaks of an opportunity for you to receive a promotion in the realm of the spirit. However it is not going to come without effort. Climbing a mountain is hard work and it will require a lot from you.

It will mean leaving some things behind that you have relied on before. Moses is called to the mountain top many times. It is here that he will come into that face-to-face relationship with God and also get his mandate. A mountain in the Scriptures is often a picture of the presence of God.

The mountain is in the direction of wisdom and depth.

It is the place of your vision and of illusion. Moving north is moving toward knowing universal truth.

I began to hear many sounds of nature coming from the water… DEEP MOANS that sounded like an earthquake, FAST MOVEMENT came in the sounds of gale winds through the tops of trees or waves crashing (I imagine, even though I have never witnessed one, like a hurricane?). LOUD

If the sounds that you hear are loud, it is probably that your subconscious is trying to call your attention to a certain issue. Therefore if a sound features clearly in your dream, the important thing is first of all to define your feeling reaction to that sound. Ask yourself if the sound is a warning or whether it carries information? Is it a positive sign or does it make you feel anxious?

The grief that I felt when I understood that it could not survive here with us and a longing of wanting to go with it.

To dream of feeling grief, or grieving someone who is lost, refers to your inability to let go of the past. You need to clear away your feelings about those old experiences and make way for the new.

Then, the water lifted itself into the air, as if taking flight to leave… It wasn’t until then that I recognized that it was a being. I understood that it, and many other elemental type organisms were leaving the planet.

Dreaming of the ocean represents opportunity and spirituality. It’s the need to find and immerse yourself in the truth of the Universe; also, the need for unconditional love and comfort.

Large bodies of water usually represent our unconscious minds or/and soul experiences.

Dams, islands and other obstacles are conscious attempts to control the force of the water, and therefore our emotions.

Tidal waves: Powerful emotions or instincts that you have let build up to a critical mass. This dream reveals the need to express those things before they come crashing over the floodgates.

Rising water indicates rising emotions.

As it went away I looked back across the now desolate and dark valley, filled with MILLIONS of human forms.

If you’re not actually involved with the crowd, however, you may feel as if you’re “on the outside looking in” with regard to what’s going on in your immediate circle.

There was no color left and all was desolate, dark and hot…

A desolate house or district in a dream forecasts the acquisition of articles of great material value, most likely by gift or inheritance but could be by lucky accident.

Dreams of anything dark symbolize shadow aspects of yourself that want to be integrated into the light of your being. Anything dark can also represents a personal challenge, the mystery of an unsolved puzzle, or an unconscious aspect of yourself.

Where the water entity once was, deep…

Dreams of a crater represent an old wound or emotional scar.

To dream of a crater represents different characteristics and attributes of your personality that are gradually becoming known. This dream may also be indicative of thoughts, feelings, and occurrences from your youth or childhood.

Based upon a subconscious translation? I’d say that yesterday’s reading and consequent dream trigger was an indication of awareness that it is time to move forward with my healing journey… Existential Kink is uncovering some trauma and should I choose to remain indecisive? That water entity of emotion is going to come crashing down! THE GOOD NEWS is the path in front of me leads to God (the mountain)… Although an arduous journey, I think I am quite ready for the next adventure!

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