In short, when systems get overly complex, they reach a chrysalis moment. The pass through a what appears to be a disordered or chaotic state, on their way to a different organization more capable of handling the inputs.

I may have to look at my past blogs leading up to his point… Because today I know they are a classic trail of a manifestation in progress. What I have begun associating with “chrysalis movement.” We all have them. They are those painful, hot, desolate, lonely, depressing, frustrating, want to give up moments before a life changing event happens (if we allow it to) that we have been praying, meditating, manifesting, HOPING for… Just… (((DON’T GIVE UP))). PLEASE? There are so many who literally do not know they are about to to have that break through moment!!

Click image to read “8 Signs Your Manifestation is Close and Around the Corner! Evolve Your Mind

So what happens next? It is typically that one little thing that we can’t let go of that needs to be moved out of the way (straw on the camel’s back?) and then (((SWOOSH))). If that “little thing” is still there when the chrysalis movement happens? Guess what we get to learn again?? WATCH FOR IT… you already know what it is for you. For me? Well, I am only going to go back to the most recent swoosh and again, spend some time later personally going over my blogs for evidence of the path that lead me here. I love reflecting for self improvement…

The year 2020 truly has been eye opening from all perspectives, often times becoming aware of things we all cared not to… Between politics and pandemic, families and small businesses are suffering causalities at an alarming rate with no end in the near future. HARD TO HANG IN THERE when you’ve got loved ones lost, a family to feed, a dream dimming… Hard to have faith. Is there good news? Yes. There is always hope, “frail yet hard to kill.”

Stay Golden Sun Spa has not been an exception to the rule. As a business, we didn’t get the government assistance loans to survive closure, quarantines, etc. and we have come to the point of needing our “Hail Mary” saving play (this is where God works miracles… Just so there is NO WAY we can give ourselves credit methinks). As of January 2021 the coffers are DRY in terms of providing for anything other than keeping the doors open. Sadly, with children to feed, Adrianne MUST GO in order to look for a means to provide for them. Ours is not an isolated case. We knew months ago that this was coming, so in order to sustain an income for her until COVID mandates had been lifted, my husband and I were looking to refinance our home and property (we have been here for the past 19 years in Paradise Valley)… Our comfort in retirement and years of investment being trumped by the needs of our daughter and grandchildren. We started the process in October thinking that we surely had the equity available, considering what the housing (or lack thereof) market looked like in our area of SW Montana combined with our excellent credit. Time and time again we hit road block and wall in obtaining funds. So, when Adrianne announced on the 10th of December that she would be leaving the business, I was not surprised. The irony in all of this is the SURREAL FEELING of PEACE.

Going back to approximately one year ago (soon after we purchased the business), there was a lot of hope and excitement for the future. WE KNEW as first time business owners that the first year would be tough! Nonetheless, as a trained problem solver and entrepreneur, I was immediately investigating ways that we could draw in more customers… EXCITED with the idea that we were actually business owners with clients who wanted what we had to sell!! Investments were also made in essential oils, foot baths and an oxygen bar (none of which knew of the coming chaos).

WHEN THINGS SEEM TO GET OVERLY COMPLEX (included in the timeline);

  • I had a random online course continuously being offered to me in my news feed and Internet searches. I am not sure how social media algorithms work but finally took the bait and began studying Neuro Linguistic Programming. I have always been one to believe that we are our own worst enemy when it comes to mindset and it seemed, if nothing else, beneficial to me on a personal level. In the middle of the curriculum the pandemic had reached the United States and consequently the business had to close for mandatory lockdown.
  • A free webinar was offered online called the “Rise Up Challenge” by Pete Vargas, pioneering and teaching ways for small businesses to financially survive the lockdown. MANY BIG NAMES presented their stories live, filling many of us with optimism and confidence in knowing the “our message mattered”. It taught that those who remained compassionate and generous would come out on the other side of the pandemic better for it while the takers would ultimately suffer the loss of clientele. BIG CONCEPT for those with empty pockets but he did not start the movement without his own risk… Putting the last amount of money he had in his bank account to back up what he believed.
  • The spa was unable to receive government assistant loan based upon a technicality.
  • My current place of employment manufactures medical devices used in hospitals and clinics and therefore I have been working split shifts and remotely in an effort to support the front lines… The change and dynamics in scheduling has triggered a return of my fibromyalgia symptoms and my health issues were impacting my “essential” work.
  • For mysterious reasons we were not able to get our home refinanced in a timely manner.
  • My daughter has to leave the spa to find an alternative way to generate income.
  • I have to leave a job with established tenure and compensation for an adventure without income…

In my e-mail from 19DEC2020; 😇🙏

“You know it when you see it in a movie, or in an inspiring story on the news or YouTube, and it just burns inside.

But you tell yourself a myriad of reasons why it could never happen for you – I don’t have the money. I don’t have the time, the education, the talent. I’m just a nobody. Who am I to think I could do THAT?

And so you go on, day to day, dreading your job, feeling frustrated and trapped, and wondering, “Why would God let me want something so badly that I could never have?”

Well beloved, that is not how God works! If He put it in your heart, it is your Kingdom assignment and He has a plan for it, He has a reason for it, and He has a path for it!

The fact that you want something so “impossible” kind of proves that it is from God. Now, I’m not talking about being famous for no reason, or winning the Olympics without training. I’m talking about that THING that aches in your heart – to start your own business, write a book, become a doctor, launch a nonprofit protecting the endangered Leatherback Sea Turtles, whatever it is for you!

What if you could do THAT? What if you are supposed to do THAT? What if He made you specifically to do THAT? THAT is the God-sized dream in your heart. But refusing to believe and to trust that He can do it, limits what He can do in your life, in the lives of everyone around you, and on this Earth.”

Schlyce Jimenez

HERE I AM, LORD… days away from taking over at Stay Golden Sun Spa WITH A VISION of advocating wellness in a time where there are many who need so much more than a prescription can fix. I have the ability. Is it scary? HELL YES. Am I ready HELL YES!! My wings will dry on the way down, and I don’t intend to hit bottom any time soon… It is time, (((SEE YOU AT THE SPA)))!!


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As a Wellness Advocate and NLP Master Practitioner, I am here to help you learn the language of your mind and empower you as a “whole person”; spirit, mind, emotion, and body.

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