When you wake up, what do you envision? Does it resonate truth and set your soul on fire? If not, you are being defined by your past! Prioritize a space for yourself first thing every single morning where a day filled with intention can be created…


There has been way too much “blue pill” discussion about where I come from in previous journals/blogs… Thank you for sharing those with me if you did. I do not deny that our past is an important part of who we can become… how much our actions today define where our thoughts/emotions reside. Illusive “CHAINS” worn by some mythical entity that is our own creation. Last year I had a spiritual/emotional/mental awakening (see previous blog “Chrysalis Moment”) on a level that I never knew was possible. Folks, the matrix is real…

We have a choice about our existence and can become (((CONNECTED WITH OUR FUTURE))).


All along I felt a push and pull of energy that still cannot be justified by explanation/description… Like an immaterial wind or wave? VIBRATIONS that physically shook me like a plucked string on a guitar… Presentations, directions leading me on… The miracle path looked like this;

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming master practitioner’s certification – I have always been driven to redefine how my past haunted me (a little something called “self-actualization”). It never made sense to me how something that isn’t happening in the present was still promoting adverse reactions towards self.
  • Rise Up Challenge – When COVID hit with lockdowns, this webinar presented itself as a means of overcoming what most were considering the beginning of an end… but an end to what? The title “Rise Up Challenge” hit home in my heart. An invitation to be the eagle that God created in all of us when storms of adversity enter our lives. Mr. Vargas’ (and his legion of angels) presentation was incredible!
  • Gratitude Work is something that I have practiced all through life but never as an intentional meditation geared towards mindset change…
  • Law of Attraction came in tandem with the gratitude work. Like attracts like… and God is reflecting what we think and believe (in the form of free will). What we think, we are!!
  • Shadow Work… Reading the “Existential Kink” was the last piece before the awakening though taking the bait was somewhat bittersweet. It implied that the reason manifestations would not come through was because another side of me believed and hence wanted something contrary… Making peace with that side of self by allowing it to express to that which I could change (i.e. ME) was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

Know that Dutch kid who held back the water behind the damn by sticking his finger in the dike (to keep a small problem from becoming a bigger one)? What if the “bigger problem” isn’t the problem at all? In my recent experience, the damn breaking has been the best manifestation surf ever!!

Dr. Dispenza is very much a part of my NOW. Have a listen (video clip below) to what he is saying and get all that external (e.g. social media) and internal (e.g. limiting beliefs) BS out of your mind.

LET… what you can’t control… GO…

If you get it? HANG TEN BABY, the water is GREAT!!

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As a Wellness Advocate and NLP Master Practitioner, I am here to help you learn the language of your mind and empower you as a “whole person”; spirit, mind, emotion, and body.

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