“Change your mind, change your life.” This is a HUGE STEP for many to ask… “I… NEED… HELP…” After several years of wearing a cape of independence (and egoic victory), once again the sword and armor comes off because the ONLY way to win with this foe is by surrender and negotiation. Who or what is my nemesis? Fibromyalgia Syndrome (or FMS).

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Its onset is camouflaged as other things… but I know FMS and have done my best to hide it when it reappeared recently… The last time it was present, the pain was vanquished by undergoing a 6-month detox following the principles taught in the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.” When folks ask how I got away from chronic pain and prescriptions, DETOX is always what is recommended!! However, there is another thing that needs to be cleansed that fasting won’t cure, a dysfunctional mindset. Genuine gut-wrenching, psyche-cleansing work that has to occur through DAILY practice to keep chronic bullshit conditions (that feed things like FMS) at bay. That is all I will say about it here because the beast likes attention, and I don’t want it to welcome itself fully back into my body.

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Like so many, trauma has not been a stranger to me this year. Although a very improved year of business ownership (vs 2020) there has also been significant loss (the passing of my mother and matriarch for one). That kind of stress is food for chronic illness AS WELL AS the >insert your addiction of choice< to cope. I consider addiction a symptom of a dysfunctional mindset and you can medicate it with food just like drugs. According to “The Food Addiction Institute”;

  • Food addiction is a chronic disease characterized by a person’s seeking foods the individual is addicted to and for whom use of that food is compulsive, and difficult to control, despite harmful consequences.
  • Brain changes can occur over time with compulsive eating. This can challenge an addicted person’s self-control and interfere with one’s ability to resist intense urges to eat these foods (sometimes described as cravings.) This is why people who suffer with food addiction can often relapse, even after long periods of successful abstinence.
  • Relapse is the return to eating these foods after an attempt to stop. Relapse indicates the need for more or different treatment. It may also mean that another food is triggering the relapse.
  • Certain foods such as sugar can affect the brain’s reward circuit by flooding it with the chemical messenger dopamine. This overstimulation of the reward circuit causes the intensely pleasurable “high” that leads people to consume a particular food or particular foods again and again.
  • Over time, the brain can adjust to excess dopamine, which reduces the high that the person feels compared to the high felt when first eating these foods—an effect known as “tolerance.” This often results in seeking to eat more of these foods, in an attempt to achieve the previous levels of satisfaction.
  • For a great many people, abstinence is the solution.
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Want to overcome an addiction? Conquer a dysfunctional mindset by asking for help…

It’s your birthright to grow into the amazing individual you want to be, and that involves letting go of conditioning patterns that no longer serve you.

The idea that when we’re “healed” we won’t need anyone is not true, nor is it healthy. Healing is not about living a solitary life. It’s about having the courage to face your wounds and take care of them until they become scars that no longer affect your life.

Patricia Williams


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My healing journey of choice this round was brought to (((US))) by a client who is willing to walk with me through this adventure… It, again, begins with a DETOX! But before I embark with her, I am inviting anyone who has read and might be touched by this to join.

We will share “The Master Cleanse” right after Christmas. If the detox is too much but you feel as if you would like to share in mindset work, let me know you are with us! I am a certified NLP master practitioner and have walked these paths before… LIKE SO MANY I am HUMAN and regress for various reasons and won’t judge… Regression is never a good reason to give up and claim failure!! In fact, it is a part of the learning cycle of LIFE that we must all traverse…

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Use the link provided in the above image to get what you need to be ready and then WRITE TO ME. I am most easily reached on Facebook through messenger (several avenues) but…


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