• Salt water flush first thing in the morning on empty stomach.
  • Lemonade (fresh lemons, maple syrup, purified water and cayenne pepper).
  • Mint tea and water.
  • Vegetable soup for lunch.
  • Something solid and high fiber for dinner.
  • Herbal laxative before bed.

HEALTH MEASURE = I AM GLAD that we are “EASING OUT” due to having to continue taking pain medication for the sciatica. Pain medications are HARD on the gut lining and ALWAYS jack my digestion! Whatever I can put in my stomach to help (my choice is homemade healthy collagen gummy or bone broth), I will do before ever ingesting something like that. Frank has a bit of a sinus infection on one side which could also explain the lingering headache during the cleanse?


Papillae visibly less swollen and lots more pink!!
MORE PINK = MORE HEALTH (BTW = look at how much facial sweeling has gone down)!

Eating the soup (first meal today) tasted SO GOOD. It is amazing how the palate changes after performing a detox!! You might say “to heck with that Kristen… When I go off a detox I am eating surf and turf at the local steak house!” IT IS TEMPTING FOR SURE but PLEASE DON’T?

The first two days after a cleanse should primarily consist of drinking fruit and vegetable juices and water. Clear, liquid-based broths are also acceptable. Cleanse proponents claim juices are an easier transition to food as they are easier to digest in the stomach versus solid foods.


We did opt to eat solid foods in the evening (I WAS ACTUALLY CRAVING SALAD and my husband opted for a homemade “less than five ingredients” cookie (peanut butter, eggs, maple syrup and oatmeal). Remember it must be HIGH IN FIBER, to keep waste moving through the intestines (which have just had some time off from doing anything)! (((GO EASY))) on your gut!! It is also important to consider taking some probiotics and avoiding eating foods that feed bad bacteria like candida (more info on that included by clicking the image below). We’ve just gone through an aggressive detox to correct some health issues… Why go back to old habits?

CLICK IMAGE to read “After The Master Cleanse – Keeping The Momentum”

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