• Apple cider vinegar with mother (for probiotics).
  • Mint/green tea/lemonade and water (half gallon per day minimum).
  • High protein and whole foods diet.

HEALTH MEASURE = Feeling (((SO MUCH BETTER)))… STILL NO HUNGER. Even my menopausal hot flashes and night sweats have been greatly reduced! I would say the increased energy (for now) has made the meno-related insomnia a bit worse (ironic isn’t it?) but naps and melatonin should help and are much better than the alternative of constant fatigue and occasional flaring that I had been experiencing with the evicted FMS.

CLICK IMAGE to read “7 Tips to Sleep Better with Menopause”

Ever get frustrated that I don’t remember names at the spa? (((ME TOO))) “When you’re making your journey through menopause, sleeping through the night may seem like an impossible dream. Insomnia and sleep disturbances caused by hot flashes leave many menopausal women tossing and turning or waking up drenched in sweat. The next day, irritability, anxiousness, fatigue, and trouble concentrating are common…. try these lifestyle changes and smart sleep strategies to rest easy.”

When reading the Master Cleanse, the recommended diet after is use of probiotics and vegetarian or “EAT HEALTHY”. Our choice was to maintain a whole foods diet with focus on keeping it keto due to the benefits of both. Whole foods lack additives responsible for a slew of adverse health conditions and high protein is recommended for menopause. Any processed treats will be enjoyed on celebratory gatherings/dates only. I am also going to move forward with minimizing caffeine and alcohol due to many current menopause symptoms.

CLICK IMAGE to read about “The Ketogenic Diet: A Detailed Beginner’s Guide to Keto” and if it makes sense for you!!

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