Choices. Chances. Changes.

It has been a week since breaking the cleanse. We will not use weight as a measurement of success because, being a classic “never good enough” dysfunctional adult, I discovered that the scale (again, in my case… it might be fine for you) was more a measurement of my worth than my health. Haven’t used a scale in years but instead use HOW I FEEL to determine if I am at where I should be.

Look at these image comparisons (note = justification is because of one of my dear siblings’ heckling me for using filters for the second image… I DO NOT LIKE WEARING MAKEUP… Therefore, left image is before, makeup/no filters and right image is after, SnapChat filter/no makeup (isn’t the face tattoo fun?)). Enough of that silliness. Notice the size/shape of my face. One of the tell-tale signs of FMS is inflammation (includes swelling of the face, feet, hands and belly). The first image was taken approximately one year ago… The second a couple days ago. The facial swelling (round face) is visibly reduced!

The third and next image is THE MOST IMPORTANT GAUGE of whether or not the “after” will be maintained. I know so many (including my past self) that would go through all of these “diets” (whatever is the fad at the time) only to regress after a few weeks or days because they were still unfulfilled… EMPTY…

PLEASE.> If food is a means of fulfillment for you, consider talk therapy and find out “what’s eating you” so that your efforts towards improving your lifestyle aren’t “all for not”. Although an NLP Master Practitioner, I am not qualified to give you what you need (e.g., prescription meds for depression) to keep the urge to fall back into unhealthy habits at bay. I am beneficial as a coach/counselor, but you may need medicinal help for a hidden biochemical imbalance. <PLEASE.

CLICK IMAGE for purchase link.

If you are finished “failing” at diets to the point where you don’t try anymore? Please consider making a purchase of and reading the book “It’s Not About What You’re Eating, It’s About What’s Eating You”.

This book is “a 28-day plan to heal hidden food addiction. Addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual causes of food addiction, this powerful work will help any food addict discover the keys to reshaping their mind and body.”

Attitude and mindset (my specialty) are KEY in being successful at breaking unhealthy habits, whether it be food or thought process… ~$6 chance at a mindset change? What do you have to lose? That is less than a coffee (but, if effective, PRICELESS).


My diet of choice after the cleanse is KETO (low carb and high fat) for many reasons… Menopause and high diabetes risk for two and to name a few more;

Absence of hunger. This is the key point – if there were no other advantages, this one alone would far outweigh any other considerations. Any other type of diet leaves me not just hungry, but ravenous – often just a couple of hours after a meal. Trying to lose weight on a low-fat / low-calorie diet was utterly hopeless – there was just no way I could control my hunger. While low-carb dieting also requires self-discipline, hunger is simply not a factor – after several weeks, it can disappear entirely. I am no longer a slave to food!

Better digestion. Cutting out grains and sugary fruit definitely improved my digestion. Before, feeling bloated after a meal was normal. It hardly ever happens on a low-carb diet.

Consistent energy levels. Once your body gets used to running on fat instead of glucose, energy levels actually go up – and they are more consistent. Carbs tend to give you a quick boost, which is then inevitably followed by a slump. If I deviate from my low-carb diet, I can really notice the difference.

More natural food. Most processed foods do include sugars in some form – so you have to cut them out to comply with low-carb guidelines. This results in eating less additives and preservatives – an additional benefit. Manufactured low-carb snacks and bars can include artificial sweeteners and all sorts of other chemicals, but I try to avoid those – they can result in increased cravings for real carbs. The sweetener I tend to use is Stevia which is a plant extract (but even then, it’s best to think of it as an occasional treat rather than something to have every day).


The only way to fail, IMHO, is to not try at all… (((OR GIVE UP)))

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As a Wellness Advocate and NLP Master Practitioner, I am here to help you learn the language of your mind and empower you as a “whole person”; spirit, mind, emotion, and body.

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