Even Dr. Wayne Dyer quoted this famous saying from the 1989 movie “Field of Dreams” as he was trying to convey meaning to his own indication for knowing if we are living our intended purpose… “If you are creating, it is working!” reiterated with “If you build it, they will come.”

In the “Field of Dreams.”, the original phrase, “if you build it, he will come” was about one farmer following his dream and building a baseball-playing field in his cornfield.

The building of the baseball diamond would mean that he’d need to sacrifice some of his corn yields that year. However, a voice came to him at night and said that quote. After that point, he decided to put his fears aside and start building the baseball diamond, even though many people around him believed it was ridiculous and wasn’t going to work.

Once it was built, baseball players were beginning to be brought back to life, and his dreams began to come true. This is where the true meaning of the phrase started to shed light. It wasn’t until after he’d committed the time and resources into building the diamond that he noticed people were starting to come as he knew that they would. Even though it was a slow start, the building process was worth it in the end when the people finally came.

Martin Lassen

When I decided to be open to undefined purpose, a “knowing” or “awareness” started to come to me. If I ignored it (much like in the above film clip) … the visions became repetitive. Also much like the above clip, at first, it was very unsettling and even scary. I had spent much of my life fighting for what I was told I could never be. This drive meant achieving a degree and working as a successful professional… Leaving that to do what? Uncharted territory vs unhappy familiar. I began to say “YES” in spite of what my logic and others thought about my choices…

In “The Power of Intention”, Dr. Dyer offers his story about what made him decide to live his truth. He was describing himself as a materially successful man yet unfulfilled because of imprinting from patriarchal dysfunction (see my previous blog “Rule Number 6”). Like me (and more than likely what you are living right now) he came to a point at his father’s grave where he knew that what he had been doing with his life was all wrong or “unintended”. He abandoned everything he was doing in his life, checked into a motel and wrote himself a note asking himself to not let himself die with his music still inside. This note was followed by the “record breaking” and best-selling book “Erroneous Zones”, “a positive and practical guide to breaking free from the trap of negative thinking and enjoying life to the fullest”.

Yet how do we know what our music is and if we are living life on purpose?

Well, I cannot tell you what your purpose here is, but I do know this: when there are moments I am feeling happy, fulfilled, healthy, successful in business, self sufficient, strong, developed and confident with connection In-Spirit, then I feel like my purpose is fulfilled.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Now, more than ever, I am feeling free to create. I know that who I was before was built in order to satisfy a standard… IT WAS A SUCCESSFUL LESSON and I don’t regret it, NOT ONE BIT, but I also know that I was not in alignment with my music of intention. How? I wasn’t dancing!! Are you dancing? If not, what is it worth for you to waltz into your purpose? For me, EVERYTHING.

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