F&*% It Days are OK

I just took two weeks off from a solo run business because I hit a mental/physical wall after several weeks of severe sleep deprivation (when was my last blog?). By the end of it, I was yelling at my husband in the middle of the night, having dizzy spells where I could barely walk… THE PAIN FROM HEAD TO TOE indicated that my body was returning to a state of unmanaged fibromyalgia flaring… My husband took two days off of work to enforce some bedrest.


I could go into “what I used to be able to do” as a means of comparison about my capacity now but odds are, IF you are reading this, you are looking for answers about how to manage what feels like a recent onset of insanity called menopause. The following is a compilation of information from a couple of articles that will ultimately lead me into (yeah, I am still working on it) doing the right things to meno-manage… Anyone out there have any useful tips PLEASE SHARE IN THE COMMENTS?

When sleepless nights, a side-effect of hot flushes, rear their ugly heads, the knock-on effects can feel overwhelming. Memory problems and irritability follow close behind and would cause anyone to feel low, let alone when coupled with stress from management and the potential pressure to hide from them that anything might be wrong. What could manifest as the need to keep a constant ‘to-do list’ going, can also become what I call ‘brain fog’, the inability to think clearly sometimes due to insomnia. I’ve had patients come to me saying they feel as if they’re ‘losing their minds’, even asking whether they might have dementia of the back of this.

Whether it’s counterbalancing some of the side-effects with quick-ish fixes, like reducing alcohol intake, which can have a massive effect on hot flushes or, a dietary and exercise regime to better handle sleepless nights and mental health issues like anxiety. 

It is becoming more and more widely accepted that flexible working hours are the future and I do hope employers during lockdown have seen how well that can work and when it comes to handling the menopause, these can be a godsend. 


Fluctuating energy flows, extreme fatigue that’s taken me to bed, flushes, body shape change … it’s made me re-think how I run my business because if I’m not mentally and physically in good shape, it directly impacts on the level of service I can deliver to my clients.

And if you run a service-based business like mine – coaching, training, therapy, design, consultancy or any other professional service – you have to be on the ball to be able to deliver.

Or at the very least, make sense when you have a conversation with someone!



  • Work when you are most productive, not when you think you have the time
  • Create a business that works for you, not a business you feel trapped in


Laughter brings us closer to people, moves us into more positive mind-sets, can stimulate our immune system, enhance our learning and memory, and help us cope better with the stressors in our lives

  • Dress comfortably

Make Time for Yourself

Exercise, eat right, and incorporate relaxation techniques into your day.

  • Creativity never stops; you don’t need to act on every idea
  • F&*% It Days are OK (and actually good for the soul!)

Watch Your Thoughts

There is growing evidence that the absence of positive thoughts has a greater negative impact on our health and well-being than does the presence of negative ones.

  • Systemize, Delegate or Delete (work more efficiently)

What does this mean for my business @staygoldensunspa? A not so new way for many to manage a business while practicing self-care. Because of my condition(s), (((I CREATED A SELF-SERVICE TANNING SALON TEMPLATE))) that could benefit many small businesses at a time in our culture when “systemizing, delegating and deletion” may be critical for survival!!

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As a Wellness Advocate and NLP Master Practitioner, I am here to help you learn the language of your mind and empower you as a “whole person”; spirit, mind, emotion, and body.

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