On the Other Hand

Doctor Steven Strange was regarded as one of the most competent neurosurgeons in the world before a car accident caused extensive nerve damage to his hands, making it impossible for him to continue. However, his search for a cure led to Strange finding a whole new use for those magic hands of his: wielding… well… actual magic.Continue reading “On the Other Hand”


YOU NEED TO MAKE SOME TIME TO PUT YOURSELF FIRST EVERY SINGLE DAY Make time/space for YOU (without interruptions so you can do the next step)… Meditate on the gratitude of NOW (be PRESENT!! All else does not belong to you!)… Mark 11:24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe thatContinue reading “BREAK IT DOWN”


At “The Welcome Homestead” on Facebook, I share thought provoking images and articles that pertain to mindset work and fit within the realm of my NLP certification. Recently, I have decided to share books by video presentation and invite commentary as if participating in a book club. The current read is “The Power of Now”Continue reading “VIDEO BOOK CLUB”


When you wake up, what do you envision? Does it resonate truth and set your soul on fire? If not, you are being defined by your past! Prioritize a space for yourself first thing every single morning where a day filled with intention can be created… INTEND TO LIVE AS THE MIRACLE GOD CREATED YOUContinue reading “NEWTONIAN ANTONYM”


I don’t think it is enormously far-fetched to imagine that some very brave and generous souls come into this world with the strong personal, unconscious desire to experience extreme hardships in childhood, perhaps for the ultimate purpose of making it conscious and healing it, and in that way, healing the collective. Carolyn Elliot, Ph. DContinue reading “HEALING the COLLECTIVE”


I had the most amazing dream last night. I was transitioning from my “current” job into the next… If you dream of being offered a new job, new horizons are opening for you that will bring positive things into your life. Take advantage of new opportunities! If you dream about the first day on aContinue reading “ANT SLACKER”


Oneing: Order, Disorder, Reorder “God teaches the soul most profoundly through darkness—and not just light! We only need enough light to be able to trust the darkness. Trials and darkness teach us how to trust in a very practical way that a good God is guiding us.” Read Richard Rohr’s full article, “Include and Transcend,”Continue reading “A SOFT AND MEANINGFUL ROHR”