On the Other Hand

Doctor Steven Strange was regarded as one of the most competent neurosurgeons in the world before a car accident caused extensive nerve damage to his hands, making it impossible for him to continue. However, his search for a cure led to Strange finding a whole new use for those magic hands of his: wielding… well… actual magic.Continue reading “On the Other Hand”


Today’s blog is one for sharing authenticity. I disappeared for a bit because of feelings of being overwhelmed which prompted me to pause my gratitude journaling and blogging and guess what happened… I CRASHED!! Then the silly things that happen everyday got to me. I’m sure many of us have had feelings; of being undervalued,Continue reading “BACK OFF ID!”


Yesterday, when arriving home, my husband and I discovered that one of our three remaining pets (a petite mare named Glory) had passed while we were at work. Although she had a medical condition, she was not showing symptoms of having problems when we left so finding her deceased later that day was unexpected. InsomniaContinue reading “AND THEN THERE WERE TWO”