That was the last thing Mom said to me in her room at my home… “I’d rather not”… There were a million reasons PLUS ONE that she couldn’t stay in MT. She had improved during their visit, so the decision was made to take her back home to IL where she lived with my brotherContinue reading “I’D RATHER NOT”

The Awkward Yeti

I have recently discovered the most enjoyable and enlightening comic to compliment my mindset work (Neuro Linguistic Programming) program at Stay Golden Sun Spa. You may have already seen some of the material featured in the spa’s glass case (anyone interested in a game night? Let’s do it!! WHY am I so obsessed about helpingContinue reading “The Awkward Yeti”


“Change your mind, change your life.” This is a HUGE STEP for many to ask… “I… NEED… HELP…” After several years of wearing a cape of independence (and egoic victory), once again the sword and armor comes off because the ONLY way to win with this foe is by surrender and negotiation. Who or whatContinue reading ““I NEED HELP””


Have you ever looked down on anyone? For anything? Really? If we truly think about it, we all probably do every day in one way or another without even knowing. For example, I have a degree in microbiology and medical technology. It frustrates me when someone tries to tell me their perspective about a viralContinue reading “ADELINE (aka NOBILITY)”


YOU NEED TO MAKE SOME TIME TO PUT YOURSELF FIRST EVERY SINGLE DAY Make time/space for YOU (without interruptions so you can do the next step)… Meditate on the gratitude of NOW (be PRESENT!! All else does not belong to you!)… Mark 11:24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe thatContinue reading “BREAK IT DOWN”


At “The Welcome Homestead” on Facebook, I share thought provoking images and articles that pertain to mindset work and fit within the realm of my NLP certification. Recently, I have decided to share books by video presentation and invite commentary as if participating in a book club. The current read is “The Power of Now”Continue reading “VIDEO BOOK CLUB”


I don’t think it is enormously far-fetched to imagine that some very brave and generous souls come into this world with the strong personal, unconscious desire to experience extreme hardships in childhood, perhaps for the ultimate purpose of making it conscious and healing it, and in that way, healing the collective. Carolyn Elliot, Ph. DContinue reading “HEALING the COLLECTIVE”


I’ve been quiet. Sometimes we all just need space to reflect on things, yeah? To listen to that inner voice in the midst of what seems like the most profound darkness. Grief, stress, depression (insert where yours is coming from here) walk with us all… Sometimes the grattitudes/reflections/prayers just don’t keep us where we wantContinue reading “EMBRACING SHADOW”