I don’t think it is enormously far-fetched to imagine that some very brave and generous souls come into this world with the strong personal, unconscious desire to experience extreme hardships in childhood, perhaps for the ultimate purpose of making it conscious and healing it, and in that way, healing the collective. Carolyn Elliot, Ph. DContinue reading “HEALING the COLLECTIVE”


I’ve been quiet. Sometimes we all just need space to reflect on things, yeah? To listen to that inner voice in the midst of what seems like the most profound darkness. Grief, stress, depression (insert where yours is coming from here) walk with us all… Sometimes the grattitudes/reflections/prayers just don’t keep us where we wantContinue reading “EMBRACING SHADOW”


Recently, we all have experienced a barrage of strong opinions where we may or may not have advocated anything (except simply by being present). I accept these as “lessons” to my character but let me tell you, it sure isn’t easy some days!! By nature I have always defended my beliefs and with passionate verbalContinue reading “KNOCK KNOCK… WHO’S THERE?”


When studying Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), I learned a whole new level of “where focus goes, energy flows”. I have always believed in the human ability to implement change for the positive or negative… but never realized the who/what/where/when/why of the process. Social media is simply TOXIC in terms of all the adverse things happeningContinue reading “LIFE ON PURPOSE”